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Is it worth it? As consumers, that is the question we find ourselves asking when we are faced with purchasing a new item or using a new service. But we also ask ourselves so many more questions: Do we need it? Do we want it? Will it last? Is it good quality? Will it look good in my house (yard, car etc.) Is there something better out there? In this blog, we will try to answer those questions with detailed reviews and honest thoughts about the products we buy and the services we use. We haven't been given any of the products or services that you see on our blog (unless noted), we have bought these items or services for our own personal use.

We will give you the following information in every posting:

1) Name of the item (and manufacturer if applicable) we are reviewing

2) Research we performed prior to our purchase

3) Purchase process

4) Delivery process

5) Unboxing (as it applies)

6) Assembly process (as it applies)

7) General thoughts about the product

8) The pros and cons of the product

9) Alternatives to the product, and finally,

10) Was it worth it?

So who are we and why listen to us? We are consumers! We have raised a son (and multiple pets). Our hobbies are varied; we love cooking, beauty products, home gadgets, electronics, gardening, swimming, traveling, cars, kayaks, pets, and the outdoors (just to name a few). When our son went to college, we were on the hunt for activities and hobbies that might spark our curiosity. Because of the extra time we have discovered as empty nesters, coupled with our desire to find new projects, we have been trying tons (and I mean tons) of new items and services. Why not share what we have found with our friends and readers? Hopefully, this will save you some time and money.

If you have an interest in a product or service and you don't see it reviewed on our blog, drop us a line. If we have already used the product or service, we can post our thoughts; if we haven't used it yet, who knows, it could be our next hobby!

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